For many of you, even if you aren’t an artist, the consumption of media and all other forms of art make you an art critic in your own world. You know what you like and don’t like. Along with your tastes, social media, articles, and the people you hang around with probably help shape your views of art, but overall art has found its way into your life in some way.

With that in mind, the importance of art should be kept in the forefront when the government creates a budgets, when someone chooses a hobby, or even in hard times such as the ones we are facing right now. We are in times where a lot of people can’t work. Those who can telecommute are lucky and the rest “non essential” workers are left to their own devices to fend for themselves and still pay their bills on time. Artists fall under the non essential, unfortunately, but I believe they are so necessary for the world. I’ve decided to create this page because I believe everyone I’ve listed here is deserving of more recognition for their passion and to be comfortable in their finances considering the uncertainty we’re facing in the world right now.

I recommend at least following each and every one of these artists (all information will be in green, clickable links). Having a footprint on social media is so valuable for artists of today. Maybe they can light up your social media feeds the way they have with mine and, who knows, their work may end up on your wall, as a gift to a loved one, at the top of your website, or even playing on your headphones while you exercise.

Thank you so much artists.

Update (3/29): I have put the artists in alphabetical order and believe this format will work for the time being. Thank you

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