Pulled Pork

The best barbecue takes time. Total time for this recipe is about 15 hours


1 Pork shoulder about 9lbs
Your choice of dry rub


You will want the pork shoulder to be closer to room temperature so take it out of the fridge for a couple of hours before.

We have our own mix of spices for the rub, but it really is just by your personal taste or whichever one you like best from the store.

Start by sprinkling the rub on one side of the pork. Massage it into the meat until each crevice is covered and every bit is covered. Turn the pork and do this on each and every side until it’s completely covered. It’s hard to over season a pork shoulder because it’s a bland meat on its own so it takes flavor really well.

Next you will want to let it sit for an hour and a half. During this time you can let your smoker heat up to 275°F

Once the smoker is ready, smoke the pork for 5 hours, uncovered, which will darken the outside and allow the smoky flavor to really develop.

After that you will take the pork out, spray it with a 50/50 mixture of beef broth and apple cider vinegar then cover in with foil.

Put the pork back in the smoker and smoke it until it reaches 205°F in a few different places when checked with a thermometer. You can just poke through the foil.

Once it has come to temperature, take out the pork and let it rest in a cooler or any kind of insulated container for four hours.

Before serving, pull out bones and shred. It will still be warm enough to eat right away.

Serve with buns and barbecue sauce. It pairs perfectly with your favorite barbecue sides, but the best combo we have is with my homemade bacon mac and cheese from the KitchenAid pasta press recipe book.


Choosing a pork shoulder with a large fat cap on it is perfect for smoking because it will remain nice and moist (sorry) after smoking for so long.

Do not use a pork shoulder that you have frozen then thawed – it will be tough.

Resting the meat afterwards is a must for the ideal, fall-off-the-bone texture you want when barbecuing. It will also keep it from drying out.

It makes great leftovers. Barbecue pork salad, pork mac and cheese, even a putting it in a quesadilla is really tasty.

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