Matcha (Green Tea) Latte

Closest thing to a Starbucks matcha latte but at home!


8oz your choice of milk

1/2 tbsp sweetened matcha powder

1 tbsp boiled water

1 tbsp simple syrup/classic sweetener (optional)

You will need:

Any kind of milk frother and a mug


First you will need to boil your water and mix it with the sweetened matcha powder then set it aside. For this, it’s really awesome to have a kettle because it boils so quickly.

Heat up 5oz of the milk, but be careful not to scald the milk.

Combine the matcha mixture and milk. Stir the matcha again in case some of it has settled. Stir until the milk is completely green.

Froth the last 3oz of the milk and put on top of the mug.

Add the sweetener if using and stir the drink.


I use Barista Blend sweetened matcha and it’s a very pure tasting matcha compared to a lot of them. It’s also as close to the Starbucks kind as I have found so far.

I use the Starbucks Classic Syrup, but you can save money and make simple syrup (my recipe here). The taste is not much different.

I used a manual frother or a French Press for years. You microwave the milk in the main glass part then put the mesh part and lid on and pump it until it’s frothy. It works really well that way. However, I got spoiled and got a frother for Valentine’s Day that does most of the work for me. It’s a great investment if you’re like me and drink nothing else for caffeine besides this.


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