Day 16: Wild

Art by Rhett Backstrom | Twitter | Instagram

I work under the eyes of the kings. How could I not when I do such strange things? I have flexibility, ambiguity, and the willingness to do everything over the top. What I’m best at is causing a scene or distracting a queen.

I can’t help drawing the attention of everyone in a room, but I’m a flavor that everyone can enjoy.

You may think it’s unfulfilling to be an underpaid performer for the wealthy. I think there’s much more to it than just that.

From the outside, you see a wealthy family drinking far too much and an idiot called from the lower class to dance and joke and entertain for coins. There is only a fraction of truth to this statement.

From the inside, I see a drunken king allowing his eyes to linger while I showcase my flexibility. feel his wife used to it or turning a blind eye. His daughter wants me. His son acts like I’m a nobody.

They give me money as they see fit. Before the show – sometimes after. I take and take and take.

What they see is a magic trick. What they miss is my protege taking money out of the pockets from everyone invited to witness the show. Their son watches me do a flip, but they aren’t there when their daughter trusts me with the secrets to the palace after everyone is supposed to be asleep.

These rich people are too drunk to notice how much money comes or goes.

I continue to live averagely in a small house. The money we take is sent to those who need it. The underrepresented and the ignored are benefited greatly by a king who couldn’t care less about them.

I am a wildcard to them. They see the shell, but don’t know my soul. I act like I want their attention, but I’m only here to even out the playing field.

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