Day 7: Enchanted

Art by Rhett Backstrom | Twitter | Instagram

[We live in mushrooms on the forest’s floor and you will rarely see us,

We hide from the witch at the end of the trees who always acts egregious.

Our camouflage hats are flowers,

And grass and leaves and weeds.

We’re the Mites and if you chase us,

We’ll hide in all the weeds]

The Enchanted forest is nice on the outskirts. Children even play here and run into little trouble. However, if you go deeper into the forest, problems may arise.

First, it will be noises. Second, you will lose a lot of visibly because the branches of the tall trees block the light, last you’ll be lucky if you don’t encounter something strange.

The kids on the outskirts know not to go in the forest and also avoid the house within the trees that supposedly belongs to a witch. It has all the typical witchy things: dark shutters and roof, extremely tall and thin architecture, spiderwebs, and strange noises from within. No one is brave enough to get closer.

Unfortunately, there is indeed a witch who does live here. She isn’t necessarily a bad witch – mainly misunderstood. The local children’s fear of this place bids well for her granddaughter, Eve, who also lives here. She always has to play alone.

Eve was sent here when she was three because she was showing strong powers already and her parents couldn’t handle her. Now she’s seven and still trying to gain control of powers she didn’t ask for.

It’s early in the morning and the children from town aren’t playing in the forest yet. It’s her turn to play in the trees until she hears them show up. She has a couple of hours.

Eve skips along by herself. She’s not supposed to take her wand outside in case it gets in the wrong hands, but she can’t help herself! Maybe today she’ll get an animal to speak or make a rock come to life! The opportunities out here are endless.

It’s been a couple of hours and Eve has wandered distractedly into the forest to where the trees start getting closer together. She’s never been this far inside by herself. Like clockwork, she starts to hear the local children play and instinctively she backs deeper into the forest. She doesn’t want to face those kids again. Last time they made fun of her and her grandmother. She almost had an explosion of magic because she was so overwhelmed.

She keeps backing up and backing up until she runs into a large oak tree. She tries to get away, but it feels like she’s being held onto. She pulls and pulls and finally breaks free before realizing it’s the sweater she wears getting caught on the branches. It’s unraveled halfway up her torso and the thin shirt underneath makes her feel cold.

As she walks away, towards where she thinks her grandmother’s house is, she hears a branch fall and trips over the root of the tree she was just trying to get away from. The quietness of the forest is disturbed when she falls and she feels extremely watched by eyes unknown.

This causes her to crawl to a stump and hide in the plants at the bottom with her back pressed against the wood, her face in her knees and her hands over her ears. Despite this, the wind picks up and she hears a painful howling coming from deeper in the forest. She’s shivering in fear.

Eve opens an eye and peaks out of the plants she hides in to see the scene around her. There are red and white mushrooms of all different sizes littering this part of the forest.

“Who goes there?” A whisper almost too faint to hear registers in her mind. Her eyes snap shut again and she doesn’t answer. She tries to cover her ears even tighter but can’t forget what she just heard.

Now she becomes careless and stares saying “Leave me alone” over and over, faster and faster until a golden sparkle erupts from the wand in her hands and starts picking up things from the forest floor, making them float above the ground.

A mysterious

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