Westport, WA

August 25-27, 2019

Where we stayed: Mariner’s Cove Inn

Paxon’s review:

My review:

(I forgot to get pictures of the hotel, but you can see some from google here.)

I gave it a five out of five stars because of the hospitality of the owner and his wife. They allowed us to check in early because our drive took less time than we thought. The rooms are older but kept very clean and organized very well. That hotel has the cheapest pet fee I’ve seen for hotels in the area. They offer free snacks and movie rentals at the front desk which was great when we were settling down for the night with Paxon. As we left, the owner’s wife gave me a banana and said “for the baby on the drive” because she saw me carrying him into the car. It’s the little details that really make a place for me.

We found our way to the shops on the main strip of the town. Fortunately, we found some interactive fun for Pax at the aquarium. They allowed us to drop shrimp in some of the tanks to get the attention of some of the fish and Paxon was in heaven. The workers there were so incredibly kind and informative. It made me feel bad that reviews online of the aquarium complain about the clarity of the water and the worker had to explain to us that the water comes directly from the ocean. People can be picky.

We spent some more of our time playing on the beach. Bulma’s first time and Paxon’s second, but he could finally play in the sand this time without eating it! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for us. The evening after the beach we all cuddled up in comfortable hotel beds because having wet clothes the way we did made us extra chilled.

The last full day we had was spent on the docks. Micah showed us the ropes of crabbing, but unfortunately it’s late in the season and we couldn’t catch anything big enough to eat that evening. The babies did a lot better out there than I thought they would. Paxon only threw his shoes into the water twice and his apple turnover once (mostly because a seagull got it and he wasn’t getting it back).

We will be back for you Westport – as soon as we possibly can!

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