Vacation 2019

The leaves are starting to turn yellow and kids are really back in school. It seems like I went to bed one night and woke up to Autumn because it happened so fast and all at once. I liked this time of year a lot when I was younger and especially in college because it felt like I was going back to my own little world of studying and a solitary (though not in a bad way) existence. I think of the cool mornings and buying a hot drink if I woke up early enough before class – which usually I didn’t because I worked late and did homework after.

Now things are obviously different, but I still have my cool mornings and hot drinks. With the weather changing, I’m reflecting on when the weather was perfect to me. Where we live is too hot in the summer so you have to plan to do most things in the evening, but the Washington or Oregon coast at the end of August where it’s 75 degrees and warmer is so perfect all day. We had a day or two out of a week of light rain, but for that area we got lucky!

For this trip, staying loyal to one hotel booking website benefited us a lot because we booked everything only a week before the vacation – yay to procrastination. I used Other than keeping it organized in my phone, it helped us score some good deals when compared to the hotel’s website and the week before Labor Day is a little bit cheaper according to the website when I would move around the dates a little bit. If you ever decide to use you can use the code “LEECAS72” to get $25 towards your own trip!

Under the links below (click the name of each place), I have albums organized with some pictures from the trip, my review of our hotels, and a little about what we did at each place.

Westport, WA

Seaside, OR

Ocean Shores, WA

Deception Pass, WA

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