Paxon: Month 7

I wish this whole process would go a lot slower. I’ve gotten good at making sure I don’t take moments for granted because the reality that this might be the only time I get to experience a little baby hangs over my head as Paxon settles into each new phase.

Most of what I have to share is about how verbal our little guy is becoming. He’s certainly a loud boy. While I shower I’ll put out a blanket and let him lay on the floor with some toys just so I can keep an eye on him. Instead of bothering with any of the toys he’ll spend all of my shower kicking the side of the tub and happy screaming. Never a quiet moment unless he’s sleeping, that’s for sure.

We’ve been enjoying a whole lot more outdoor time. Between the bouts of rain, it was usually in the 60’s for most of March. If there was a chance to be outside, we definitely took it.

He’s getting a lot better at eating too. We mostly do vegetable and fruit mixes with either rice or oat cereal mixed in. For his 4 month appointment (which happened at 5 months because I’m the worst at scheduling appointments and tend to forget there’s usually a long wait because, duh, city living) the doctor said I should try to give him more iron and vitamin d fortified foods like oats and rice because he missed out on those two things by being born early. I guess scheduling appointments late has benefited me in some way, though, because the pediatrician they could fit me in with is a lot more friendly and probably closer to my age. I feel like I’m talking to a friend that I want to listen to rather than being informed. She knows I’m a new mom but can also understand that I’m not a total idiot.

My mom visited this month all the way from Wyoming. She’s one of the only people that can get him to laugh over FaceTime. As he gets older and more responsive he is doing it to more people now too.

With my mom came her dogs! Pax got to experience some big dogs which I was super grateful for. One of the dogs my mom brought with her, Raven, she has had since I was in sixth grade. The book that her and I wrote also features Raven. It’s really awesome because, though Raven is older and much quieter than before, we decided we could keep her at our house from here on out. My mom travels a lot with her job and Raven doesn’t really like that very much anymore.

So now I can finally introduce you all to our family dog, Raven!

While being caught up in my own little world out here in Seattle, something amazing happened back in Idaho Falls where I grew up. One of my best friends on Earth, Ashley Fyfe, had a baby on Apri 1st at 9:43 pm! His name is Greyson. He’s gorgeous. I would have probably given a mention of congratulations on this blog, anyway, but he, like Pax, is premature. He weighed 6 lbs and she was 34 weeks along. In the hospital, anything before 35 weeks is automatically sent to the NICU to make sure the baby is able to thrive on their own.

As much as I don’t wish preemie babies on anyone, I’m glad I have someone close to me I can talk to that I can share some experiences with. Most parents don’t have to stress about their baby getting taken off of oxygen as a test. Or even having to live your life in three hour increments because you want to go and visit your baby in the NICU. Not only are you a parent earlier than you planned, but all these other factors are looming over your head.

Before this journey, I didn’t really spare babies a thought, but now I look at my own baby and other people’s babies and realize they all have a story and are going through life on a unique path. Being into the sciences, I’ve always appreciated life, but now it hits so much closer to home.

Bonus: Adventures with Pax buying groceries. If you’re at the store when we are you’ll know!

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