Paxon: Month 5

I’m writing and posting this extremely late hoping it will somehow make time go by slower. In the moment, I feel like things go slow and I get bored easily, but when I wake up in the morning, I’ll see the date and wonder how or when that happened.

My formerly 4 lbs 1 oz baby is 5 months old and fitting into size 2 diapers. Yesterday I cleared out all of his size 0-3/3 clothes and made room for 3-6/6. He was at a plateau around 13 lbs for most of January, but every pediatrician says it’s normal and he’s still gaining weight faster than anyone could have imagined.

In my arms he feels tiny but I’ll see him in his bed or under blankets and have the horrible realization he won’t stay small forever. He sits up by himself for the most part and loves playing with toys hanging above him or ones that make noise when he flails around. Just watching him explore what’s around him with his hands amazes me.

We haven’t been going on as many walks as I would like to due to the rain, but whenever we do make it out of the house, Paxon is so much more aware of everything around him. It’s amazing to see him react to new surroundings for the first time. He’ll do anything to stay awake during the day. It’s like he doesn’t want to miss a second of what’s going on around him. At night sometimes he’ll sleep up to eight hours and I’m always grateful during those nights. Sometimes he sleeps so well Micah will wake up in the middle of the night to check on him.

There have been a couple of times we’ve got him to really laugh. He’s been doing it a lot more frequently lately and Micah and I are so in love with his grin. Most laughing turns into excited squeals because he can’t really control it yet. I love it either way.

As for me, I’m still healing slowly but surely. I’m trying to remain energetic to entertain him, but there are good and bad days. I’ve done hot yoga a couple of times and sometimes do at home exercises (some even using him as a weight – which he loves) but gaining back strength and re-toning what I worked all summer to tone isn’t going as quick as I’d like it to… says every woman who had ever had kids ever.

Every day I’m thankful for such a healthy, happy little baby. I’m not yet at 100% but I know Micah and I are doing the best we can for our son right now.

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