Paxon: Month 4

I’m going to start with a cliche: there’s no time like the present. I want time to slow down because I love my chunky baby and want him to stay this cute and small forever. I also keep looking forward to crawling and talking because I’m loving each new change. However, sometimes I need to be more in the moment. I’m trying to get better at putting my phone away and just enjoying moments with my son. I think I’m succeeding and only try to get on my phone when Pax is sleeping (the Nintendo Switch I got for Christmas is a whole other story).

It’s been a very talkative month for Paxon. I’m glad he’s gotten more responsive just as his first Christmas rolls around because the family on both sides has been able to experience our happy, chatty boy.

On one side where he’s happy screaming at us for a reaction, there’s also the side where he dramatically cries when something happens that he doesn’t like. He’s got the temper of an adult compacted down into this tiny body which leads to some explosive outbursts. What usually upsets him is being overtired. I think every parent knows the struggle of trying to get their kids on a schedule and it getting completely out of whack with Christmas plans.

The growth and development of babies is amazing to watch. He hasn’t quite mastered reaching for anything yet, but he kicks his legs and squeezes anything handed to him. Lately, he’s picked up this weird habit of sticking his fingers in his mouth and gagging himself. It started off with sucking on his knuckle to self-sooth, but now I think he’s experimenting with what he has available. To stop this habit a little bit, we gave him a soft blanket to occupy his hands. Give him his binky and the blanket and he’ll knock right out. It turns out Micah also had a love for soft blankets when he was tiny, too. It’s definitely nicer than hearing Pax gag himself.

Looking back at the holidays, I wish I got more pictures of his cute, festive outfits, but it all caught up to me and I completely forgot.

The new year has already passed and I think my only resolutions are to go on more walks with Pax and get him on a better schedule. Both of these things should help with his cranky tiredness.

In the end, I’m just thankful we got to see both of our families despite snow and travel. I hope Pax always has such a rich surrounding of people. His family loves him and I know he loves them back.


3 responses to “Paxon: Month 4”

  1. Love all the updates!! He is adorable!! Micah had a silkie when he was very young, Paxon takes after his daddy’s love for soft blankets!


  2. Your baby is precious, dear. I’m glad that your life is a good one and I hope the best for you and your family.

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    1. Thank you so much ❤️❤️


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