Paxon: Month 3

Ever since I first saw Pax at a measly 4 lbs 1 oz, my goal was to do everything I could to make this baby fat.

In one of the plays I was in at Washington State, my fellow cast members and the director (who had just had twins a few months before) said “it’s like breastfeeding” when something was hard. Now I know it really is hard. Not to go into too much detail, but I never realized how hard someone could bite without any teeth.

I finally got the fat baby I always wanted. Not only did his appearance give that away, but when we went to a weight check appointment a little after he was three months old, Paxon weighed 11 lbs 9.9 oz. He’s finally on the charts for his age! He’s only in the third percentile, but we have to start somewhere.

Life in Seattle is treating us all well. Before we were all together as a family, I was the person Pax wanted the most, but sometimes now Micah is the only one that can calm down Paxon’s bad moods. I really don’t mind the break – it’s just not always the best when Micah has to go to work or on a business trip and Pax notices and gets upset.

My whole life, I’ve had a white Christmas, but being closer to the coast, it’s still around 50 degrees in late November/ early December and I love it. We can still go on walks when it isn’t raining and living in a nicer area with parks and schools nearby, there’s always places to go.

Both of our families are close enough that we have visitors all the time. I’m glad Pax still gets to experience family time with his cousins, aunt, uncles and grandparents. Even my mom drove up all the way from Wyoming to visit for a few days and she was amazed at the seven pound difference from last time she saw him.

He is so loved. I’ll never get tired of hearing Micah tell our son “have I told you I love you yet today? I love you”.

He smiles a whole lot more now. It’s so strange looking back at old pictures especially the ones when he was still in the NICU. At that stage of his life, it just seemed like he was existing. Now he has more light in his eyes like he’s really living and developing a personality.

It was my first Thanksgiving as a family with Micah and Pax and I loved it. I’m really looking forward to Christmas and other holidays in the future. So far all Pax cares about are the Christmas lights. Really any lights can get his attention.

We bought a nightlight for him that projects moving stars on the ceiling. He loves to fall asleep to that every night. Maybe my interest in space has been passed down!

As for my own healing, there are good days and there are bad days. I can’t feel most of my lower stomach. If I can feel something it’s usually not very pleasant, but that might be from my happy baby practicing martial arts on my uterus. Since he didn’t get the chance when I was unknowingly pregnant, I guess he’s giving me that experience now.

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