Something I Can’t Say Enough

I’ve deleted and rewrote this so many times, but my last post was extremely “me, me, me”…

I want everyone who has helped me through this situation to know how much I appreciate them. No words can ever fully express how important your help is in figuring all of this out.

However, no one has been more of a key figure in helping me than the father of the baby and the man I love so much: Micah.

I knew I loved everything about him from the beginning, but seeing how much he cares for our son has brought out so many feelings in me that I never knew were possible. I know every mom I’ve met knows what it feels like to feel such a miraculous change. Everything you thought you knew about yourself before is nothing compared to after you have a baby.

As I heal from all of this craziness and try to get back on my feet completely in the days leading up to finally being able to take our baby home, he’s been my rock. With him by my side, I can trust I’m not doing this alone. I try not to compare our situation to other people’s, but I would always choose our hectic birth story over any other. I don’t know another man who had to change his whole future in the matter of a few hours, but did so readily.

What seems like a nightmare to so many other, weaker men, he has taken so well. The whole situation is so overwhelming at times, but I always try to remind him that he can lean on me just as much as I lean on him. I cannot express enough how important it was for me to see his acceptance of our son into his life.

We’re lost but figuring it out together.

I am so lucky to be the mother of your son. I am so so lucky to be the woman you want to be with.

Every time you look down at our son and proudly smile at what we created, my heart melts all over again. I love you two so much.

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